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Please call me on my confidential business phone: 810-659-7242

If I do not answer, please leave your name, number and a message. I
generally return phone calls the
same day; if not I will contact you within 24 hours.

Welcome to Grand Blanc Therapy

I know how difficult it can be to decide to seek therapy for a challenge you or your family may be experiencing in life. Taking the first step in contacting a therapist has
been shown to be therapeutic by itself. I would be honored to help you as you explore solutions to the challenges you are experiencing.

You can contact me at 810-659-7242 for an appointment or for answers to your
questions regarding treatment. Below are my assumptions about families and family therapy, you may review them to understand how treatment will be like with me.
Thank you for your interest.

Assumptions About Family Therapy

I believe that the couple/family is the 'client.' All therapy and therapeutic efforts are driven to help the family change from its current unhelpful patterns to patterns of hope for everyone in the family.

I believe that solutions for a couple/family lie within. I will do my best to help families in the process of finding solutions, but the ultimate answers come from within you and your family.

I believe that everyone has a "SELF". I also believe we all have "parts" that obscure Self and sometimes cause trouble in our lives and in our relationships. I will work with you to find those "parts" that obscure Self and help you bring those parts into a better more trusting relationship with your Self.

Lastly, I believe that transformation comes about through experience with Self. Having an experience with Self, is what brings healing, unburdening, and is
essential to change and transformation.