Grand Blanc Therapy

Many people struggle with sexual dysfunction, some examples include: Delayed Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Low Sexual Desire, Anorgasmia.

It is my goal to promote positive sexual health and functioning for each of my clients.

I use a multisystemic approach with my clients, I help them get curious about the parts of themselves (i.e., psychology) that are involved in their sexual lives. I also help clients learn about their functioning, their biology (remember sex is about blood flow) and their emotions about sex, sexuality, partner(s). I work with my clients in a non-shaming, non-blaming, sex positive way that helps them become more curious, more calm, more connected in their bodies and how they connect sexually with themselves and their partners.

If a client is interested I also do parts work (see the IFS page) and it often provides quicker and lasting therapeutic results. This can be extremely helpful when a client has had infidelity, is feeling shame about masturbation, pornography, and sex play. IFS is very effective for people who have experienced sexual abuse in their lives.

Humans are sexual beings.

My goal is to help my clients experience their sexuality in a non-shaming way that brings them pleasure, happiness, and connection.